GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal and Geospatial SDI

Provide direct, real-time access to your geospatial data with our web-based GIS solutions.

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GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal & Geospatial SDI overview


Bring real-time enterprise data access and sophisticated analysis to the web with a fully scalable and customizable server solution that deploys high-end web services and websites. WebGIS products allow you to:

  • Deploy a flexible solution for managing secure information and serving it to a wide variety of desktop, web, and mobile applications
  • Provide secure integration with existing GIS, CAD environments, and business systems with our interoperable platform built on proven technological standards
  • Customize your web interface, create user-defined queries and provide direct access to your geospatial data
  • Ensure firm adherence to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for web services and metadata compliance


GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal & Geospatial SDI capabilities

Make it easy

Fast and easy access to your geospatial data and functionality anywhere, anytime.

Get it right

Manage the entire lifecycle of data, from capturing new data, over editing existing data, to analysis.

Do it fast

Combine calculations on the server with analysis on the web client for an interactive experience.

In the field

GeoMedia WebMap Mobile supports field crews who need access to their organizations’ GIS during an inspection, online or offline.

Integrate with Google Maps

Extend your capabilities by integrating Google’s maps, search, API, street view and places functionalities.

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