ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK software solutions

Innovative measuring software to ensure machine tools meet international standards for precision.

A computer screen showing measuring software used on machine tools. The background image is faded out and shows a laser calibration tool.

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ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK patented software helps greatly reduce the time spent on ensuring machine tools meet key international standards for precision. 

The ETALON system uses multilateration, a spatial measurement technique deployed by satellite navigation systems, to increase measurement speeds and ensure the highest levels of accuracy when calibrating, compensating and verifying machine tools. The speed and precision of multilateration means manufacturers can reduce measurement times by up to 80% compared to conventional laser interferometers, thereby securing results in one to two hours instead of one to two days. 

ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK uses a single self-tracking laser interferometer either from ETALON or the Leica Absolute Tracker AT930/960. This makes measurements more accurate and traceable, while reducing the maintenance and recalibration costs.

With the ETALON system, users may roughly position the components, without the need for time-consuming fine alignment. TRAC-CAL supports measurement of machines of between 0.3 m and 30 m in size or larger, depending on the hardware used. In addition, no special machine interface is required to determine the volumetric deviation and a correction table can be output within seconds. The system is also designed to calibrate coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), using the ETALON LASERTRACER.

TRAC-CAL determines:

The deviations of linear axes of a machine ("6 DOF"), as well as the angle deviations of the axes to each other
  • Positioning error
  • Straightness error in both directions
  • Pitch, yaw, roll error (all axes)
  • Squareness error
  • Deviations resulting from special machine designs, such as an elastic column bend
The spatial deviations of rotary axes can also be comprehensively determined with the same software and without additional hardware.
  • Features & benefits
    Unmatched accuracy
    In contrast to conventional measuring equipment, the measuring and evaluation methods of ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK use multilateration to perform multiple length difference measurements with an accuracy in the sub-micrometre range.

    Fast and effective
    ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK use highly accurate measurements to calculate and analyse the deviations of the machine to within fractions of a micrometre.

    The speed and accuracy of the measurement software greatly reduces machine tool downtime

    ETALON TRAC-CAL: Machine tool calibration
    In conjunction with the ETALON LASERTRACER, the ETALON X-AX LASERBAR or the Leica Absolute Tracker AT930/960, ETALON TRAC-CAL software determines all systematic geometric deviations of measuring machines and machine tools. This includes position deviations, straightness deviations, rotational deviations (pitch, yaw, roll) and the perpendicularities of the axes to each other. ETALON LASERTRACER also allows CMMs to be calibrated.

    ETALON TRAC-CHECK: Standard-compliant testing of CMMs and production machines
    The patented procedure for automatic alignment of the measuring beam drastically shortens the measuring time. This makes it possible to determine in less than 30 minutes, in accordance with ISO, whether a measuring or production machine meets requirements or whether a maintenance measure must be carried out. 

    Supports a choice of hardware
    ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK software operates with the ETALON LASERTRACER for all machines, 
    ETALON X-AX LASERBAR, which is ideal for small and medium sized machines, and the Leica Absolute Tracker AT930/960: for large machine tools
  • Downloads
    Etalon X-AX Laserbar Brochure
    Etalon Lasertracer NG Brochure

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