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DELTA OPERA makes loading very large parts simple, safe, and efficient.

The evolution of DELTA OPERA stems back to the 1960s, with the pioneering DEA gantry machines that delivered fast and accurate inspection of large parts for decades. Drawing on this history of innovation, the DELTA OPERA’s unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure offers with unprecedented levels of part loading efficiency, combined with high measurement precision and speed.

With its unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure, DELTA OPERA combines the advantages of both bridge and gantry-types CMMs.

Like in a bridge CMM, even the largest workpieces can be easily and quickly loaded from the front, rear and side of the machine, without risking any collisions between the workpiece and the machine itself during loading/unloading operations. This increases loading and programming flexibility and drives time savings in inspection and overall production cycles. In addition, it offers excellent part visibility and accessibility at any time.

At the same time, DELTA OPERA offers the large measuring volumes typical of gantry-type CMMs as well as flush-floor installation that dramatically simplifies loading/unloading systems and operations.

DELTA OPERA is perfect for applications with large volume inspection requirements, such as aerospace, energy and milling. With its customisable size, DELTA OPERA can offer a smaller footprint than equivalent size traditional gantry machines: this translates in reduced ownership costs (space, environmental conditions, etc.) 
As well as offering high accuracy performance, DELTA OPERA comes with a number of user experience enhancing features. Stylish machine speed and status lighting indicators keep operators informed of CMM behaviour even from a distance for quick, smart decision-making. 

DELTA OPERA’s open structure offers excellent illumination of the working area. To offer the best possible user experience - in particular during part-programming or part and fixturing checking - the measuring volume is further illuminated with integrated LED lighting stripes.   
Efficiency can be enhanced further with the seamless probe head swap system Manual Application Changer (MAC), which enables users to switch between versatile indexable probe heads and high precision fixed HP-S-X5 probe heads, quickly and easily, whenever required.
  • Features & benefits
    Maximum part accessibility and loading flexibility
    DELTA Opera’s open structure reduces part loading times and protects workpieces by enabling users to load from the front, rear, and one side of the measuring volume.

    Reduced CMM footprint
    DELTA Opera’s customisable size can allow manufacturers to reduce environmental costs on the shop floor.

    Greater visibility 
    LED lighting enhances work volume visibility without impacting part loading, unloading, or measuring performance.

    High performance in a large measuring volume 

    Combining the benefits of bridge and gantry-type CMMs, DELTA OPERA delivers excellent precision, reduces inspection times, and drives production productivity. 
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    Manual Application Changer (MAC) 
    Switch easily between fixed and indexable probe heads, ensuring the right probing for the right application.

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  • Buy CMM accessories online

    Buy CMM accessories online

    Identify your spare parts with confidence and benefit from fast UPS delivery.

Manual application changer

Maintaining inspection flexibility can be difficult when you don’t swap probe heads frequently enough to justify buying an automated changer solution. Manual Application Changer (MAC) offers a cost-effective solution.

HP-S-X5 scanning probes

Designed for excellent precision, HP-S-X5 scanning probes are full 3D fixed scanning heads capable of simultaneously measuring in the X, Y and Z directions to precisely define the orientation of workpiece surfaces.

Buy CMM accessories online

Identify your spare parts with confidence and benefit from fast UPS delivery.