Intellectual property

Hexagon protects its innovative technologies, designs and brands by more than 5,000 registered IP Rights.

  • General IP policy

    It is policy of Hexagon to respect third party intellectual property and to protect and defend its own intellectual property.


    Hexagon intends to avoid any violation of a third party patent by overall system architectures, products or related applications.


    Due to various legal provisions the Hexagon group ensures that a proper risk management is in place.

    Hexagon seeks to protect its technology innovations to safeguard the returns on the resources that Hexagon assigns to R&D.


    The Group strives to protect its technical innovations through patents and protects its intellectual property rights through legal proceedings when warranted.


    Hexagon fosters innovation and educates its employees in the patenting process and in freedom-to-operate tasks.

    Hexagon established an innovation process that includes corresponding milestones and documents covering forms, guidelines and examples, to ensure protection of inventions and freedom-to-operate (FtO).

  • Enforcing of valid IP rights

    Based on the internationally agreed procedures and measures to enforce intellectual property rights, Hexagon seeks to strictly enforced its valid IP rights in case of willful infringement.

    For more information on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights : (TRIPS)

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  • Patent portfolio in light of the 4th industrial revolution

    Hexagon’s patent portfolio shows a share of 36% of 4IR and related inventions.

    Therein, it also shows a significant contribution to enabling technologies, especially in the segments of Geopositioning and 3D support systems.

Notable designs and patents