About software piracy

Pirated software hurts everyone

Software piracy hurts everyone, not just software developers but software resellers, retail stores and ultimately all software users. There is a significant, negative, economic impact from the duplication, distribution and use of pirated software.

It is the users responsibility to ensure that they are not using software that is an unauthorized reproduction, illegally distributed or not properly licensed.

It is important to understand the real risks associated with software piracy. By using counterfeit, unlicensed or pirated software you are putting yourself at risk of having potential licensing issues.

Piracy awareness

Hexagon, along with other global, and local, companies and organisations, is working and investing to combat software piracy. These alliances around the world are helping to develop new technologies against software piracy. The protection of intellectual property drives technological innovation for the benefit of all users, building confidence amongst consumers and businesses in their technology purchases and driving economic growth.

Counterfeit software

There is a risk in using counterfeit software, no matter where you find it - on the street, downloaded from the Internet or at a cut-price reseller that seems legitimate.

Consider the risks of using counterfeit software and you will see that it is no bargain. The apparent initial “savings” can be obliterated in a single security breach or incident leading to loss of production or requiring expensive remedies.

Intellectual property

Everyone benefits from the respect of intellectual property rights; it strengthens economies, creates jobs, protects workers, stimulates technological advances and protects customers whilst giving them the genuine experience and support they deserve.

Everyday Hexagon is working, fighting and investing against software piracy.

License agreement (EULA)

For your information; copyright infringement is determined without regard to the intent or the state of mind of the infringer; "innocent" infringement is infringement nonetheless.

As stated in the end user license agreement (“EULA”) that governs your use of Hexagon software products, the software includes technical protection measures (TPM) “to protect the integrity and intellectual property rights of the licensed materials”.

Hexagon compliance policy

Hexagon actively uses TPM to catch and bring to justice all illegal users of our software.

If Hexagon detects illegal copies of its licensed materials, we will seek an amicable agreement. This requires the infringer to immediately accept, a rental payment for the period of the installation of illegal use of the licensed materials, purchase any necessary software licenses, purchase a three-year support & maintenance agreement (SMA) plus pay for any anti-piracy and compliance fees. If the infringer does not accept this amicable agreement to resolve the non-compliance issue, Hexagon reserves the right to seek any other remedies available at law or in equity.

Please use the form here to report suspected violations and help the fight against piracy.