Raising a concern

It is important that Hexagon obtains knowledge of possible compliance violations.

Therefore, any party, including personnel, vendors, suppliers, partners, and others with whom Hexagon conducts business, may report credible information regarding a violation or suspected violation of Law to Hexagon’s compliance team via email at compliance@hexagon.com, or directly to Hexagon’s Chief Compliance Officer.In addition, you can report misconduct via Hexagon’s Ethics & Compliance Reporting System. Hexagon prohibits any retaliation against persons reporting a potential or actual violation in good faith. The integrity of the reporting process is taken very seriously, and as such, your identity as the individual reporting the suspected violation will, wherever possible, not be revealed to local-level personnel.  Your report may result in internal inquiries, investigations by public authorities and other consequences. For this reason, you should only report what is true to the best of your knowledge. 

The Ethics & Compliance Reporting System is operated by a third-party supplier on Hexagon’s behalf and provides several options for secure reporting, available at all times and in multiple languages. All reports are exclusively handled by Hexagon. The Ethics & Compliance Reporting System can be used for submission of anonymous reports. To make a report, please see our Ethics & Compliance Reporting System page found here.