Vehicle exterior and aerodynamics

Digital car exterior model for simulation

Innovative digital solutions for automotive aerodynamics and exteriors

Harnessing the power of data through end-to-end solutions to increase efficiencies in vehicle exteriors and aerodynamics.

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A vehicle’s exterior influences more than just its appearance. While its aesthetics and visual identity are important, the exterior also determines the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance, a major factor in fuel efficiency, as well as acoustics.

With efficiency increasingly in focus for vehicles of all fuel types, getting the exterior and aerodynamics right has never been more crucial. Hexagon empowers the automotive industry to design, simulate, produce and inspect vehicle exteriors and their aerodynamic performance through an unrivalled portfolio of digital solutions.

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In this time of automotive industry disruption, investing in digital technologies is game-changing. Hexagon’s smart manufacturing solutions give automotive firms the agility and resilience to navigate complexity in the mobility revolution while maximising growth, reducing costs and driving efficiency. 

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