"The Young Technical Researcher Award" from the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science

26 May 2023

Yasutomo Kanetsuki of Software Cradle of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Division won the Young Technical Researcher Award 2022 from Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (JSCES). Kanetsuki has played a key role in the development of new visualization software Cradle XR.

"The Young Technical Researcher Award"
Name of technology/work: “Cradle XR”

  • Reason for the award: Notable features and functions of Cradle XR
    • Augmented reality (AR) display of the output from Cradle’s scPOS
    • Size reduction of data output from Cradle’s scPOST to display the data on iPhone/iPad
    • Automatic alignment with markers

Through the development of Cradle XR, new visualization software with the aforementioned unique features, Kanetsuki has greatly promoted Japanese software not only in Japan but also abroad and contributed to the growth of the computational engineering and science field.


In WCCM-APCOM YOKOHAMA 2022, a large international conference for researchers and experts in computational engineering and computational mechanics, Kanetsuki the Local Organizing Committee planned to use Cradle XR in the science program for youth, although the plan was not implemented because the conference was held completely online.

In the future, Hexagon is expected to deepen exchanges with leading researchers in Japan and overseas through JSCEJSCES activities, to implement new algorithms, and to expand Cradle XR not only in the conventional CFD engineering field, but also in new areas such as the medical field. The ceremony was held on May 23 at the Hongo Campus of The University of Tokyo.

Received a plaque from Mr.Prof. Daigoro Isobe, President of JSCE

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