Hexagon selected by Kassel Fire Brigade for next-generation dispatch system

23 November 2021

ISMANING, Germany, 23 November 2021

Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division today announced Kassel Fire Brigade has selected HxGN OnCall Dispatch, Hexagon's next-generation computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution to upgrade the brigade's emergency operations.

Overseeing an area of nearly 1,400 square kilometers, Kassel Fire Brigade protects more than 440,000 residents, dispatching approximately 120,000 incidents per year as a control center for fire and emergency management. To better support dispatchers and call-takers, the brigade will deploy Hexagon's latest CAD solution. HxGN OnCall Dispatch will provide a flexible, web-based user interface to help dispatchers work more efficiently and convey information faster to first responders in the field. Additionally, it will improve EMS unit dispatch processes by moving from area of responsibility to a next-best-unit approach. This strategic change will enable quicker response times and emergency resolution. The new CAD solution, used in combination with Hexagon's crisis management system, HxGN OnCall Planning & Response, will enable Kassel Fire Brigade to serve residents quickly and reliably for all their emergency needs - from a single call to a large disaster.

"In the fast-moving age of digitization, our technologies must adapt to the needs of our residents and dispatch center staff," said Karsten Hose, head of the ICT department, Kassel Fire Brigade. "HxGN OnCall Dispatch offers streamlined user processes, simpler administration and integration with other systems, which provides us with a strong IT foundation to serve the public. As a long-time customer of Hexagon, we knew they were the partner who could lead us in the next step of our technology journey."

"Working with Kassel Fire Brigade for nearly three decades has been an honor," said Maximilian Weber, senior vice president, EMEA, Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. "I look forward to continuing our relationship and protecting the people of the Kassel region for years to come."

Hexagon's industry-leading public safety solutions are deployed by thousands of fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies around the world, helping to protect nearly a billion people.

Visit the Hexagon website to learn more about HxGN OnCall Dispatch.

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