Change of number of shares and votes in Hexagon

30 December 2010

The rights issue recently conducted by Hexagon has, through the issuance of shares subscribed for by using subscription rights, resulted in an increase during December 2010 of in total 87 783 072 shares, of which 3 937 500 shares are of series A and 83 845 572 shares are of series B. The number of votes increased by in total 123 220 572.

As per 30 December 2010 there are in total 353 302 842 shares in the company, of which 15 750 000 are of series A with ten votes each and 337 552 842 are of series B with one vote each.

The total number of votes in Hexagon as per 30 December 2010 is 495 052 842.

Hexagon AB is a leading, global provider of 3D solutions to design, measure and position objects, and to process and present data. Hexagon's solutions enable customers to increase productivity, enhance quality and make better, faster operational decisions. Hexagon has about 11,000 employees in more than 42 countries and net sales of approximately 20,000 MSEK. Read more at

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