Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting approved the rights issue

17 March 2006

Not for distribution in the United States of America, Canada, Japan or Australia

Hexagon's extraordinary shareholders' meeting today approved the Board of Director's decision resolved on 14 February and 15 March 2006 regarding the rights issue to Hexagon's shareholders. The terms of the rights issue are such that the company's shareholders have the right to subscribe for one new share for every four old shares held. Series A shares entitles to the subscription of series A shares and series B shares entitles to the subscription of series B shares. The issue price is SEK 155 per share, which implies that the rights issue will increase Hexagon's share capital with a maximum of approximately 2 700 MSEK.

The rights issue will increase the share capital with a maximum of SEK 69 900 108 from current SEK 279 600 444 to not more than SEK 349 500 552 through the issue of not more than 17 475 027 new shares, of which 787 500 will be series A shares and 16 687 527 will be series B shares.

The record date at the Swedish Securities Register Centre (Sw: "VPC AB") for participation in the rights issue is 22 March 2006. Last day of trading in the Hexagon share including right to participate in the rights issue is 17 March 2006. Subscription shall take place during the subscription period 27 March until and including 12 April 2006, or such later date as decided by the Board of Directors.

The minority shareholders in Leica Geosystems Holdings AG whose shares are currently subject to a compulsory redemption procedure in Switzerland will not be able to participate in the new share issue. However, Hexagon will look favourably upon them being appropriately compensated for the economic effects on the Hexagon-share caused by new share issue.

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Sara Kraft, IR Manager: +46 8 601 26 27

Nothing in this press release shall be deemed to constitute an offer to invest or otherwise deal in shares in Hexagon. The preferential rights issue is not directed towards shareholders in the United States of America, Canada, Japan or Australia or other countries where participation requires further prospectuses, registrations or other measures than what follows from Swedish law. Neither the subscription rights, the BTA (interim shares) or the new shares will be registered pursuant to the United States Securities Act of 1933 ('the Securities Act') or any provincial act in Canada and may not be transferred or offered for sale in the United States of America or in Canada or to persons resident there or for the account of such persons other than in such exceptional cases that do not require registration in accordance with the Securities Act or any provincial act in Canada.

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