Antennas dedicated to wireless technology

2 August 2000

GigaAnt Antennas dedicated to wireless technology GigaAnt develops, manufacture and supplies, external and customised antennas dedicated to short - range wireless devices used in, e.g. Bluetooth, Home RF and wireless LAN applications in the 2.4 GHz band. In addition, the company offers a full range of antenna development support and RF testing. Every single radio transceiver needs an antenna, and its design, quality and placement are critical factors for the performance of the entire digital device. This is GigaAnt´s expertise. The company aims to be the natural antenna partner for the adopters of the Bluetooth wireless technology worldwide within the next three years. Since many Bluetooth devices will be produced in relatively small quantities, GigaAnt is investing in the development of standard antennas for the license - free 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band. Already available today are antennas for three standard platforms. Upon request, all standard antennas can be customised to suit particular applications. For large - volume manufacturers with special needs, GigaAnt has the resources to develop and produce entirely tailor - made solutions. Over 25 - years of experience Right from the start, GigaAnt is a company with advanced know - how and experience in the fields of antenna design and development, measuring and testing, and high - volume production. The company has signed contracts with several prominent adopters of the Bluetooth wireless technology and begins delivering antennas in volumes June 2000. Although formed recently, GigaAnt is a subsidiary of Moteco, one of the world's leading suppliers of terminal antennas for mobile phones. Moteco has developed and manufactured antennas for mobile applications for more than 25 years and has today more than 300 employees and production units in Sweden; China and Malaysia. Both Moteco / GigaAnt belong to Hexagon, which is listed on the Swedish stock exchange. The head office of GigaAnt is located in the city of Lund, where Ericsson and other well - known Bluetooth adopters like C - Technologies, Anoto, AU Systems, Axis etc., also have their research and development facilities. For more information visit: Or contact: Ola Rollén - Hexagon AB, mobile phone + 46 70 511 61 73 Morten Smedstad - Moteco AB , mobile phone + 46 705 828240 GigaAnt Ideon Science & Technology Park , Ole Römers väg 16 , SE - 223 70 Lund Sweden

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