Annual General Meeting of Hexagon

4 May 2000

Hexagon's Annual General Meeting of today's date in Gothenburg was attended by approximately 100 participants. The Meeting dealt with the customary items. The Meeting approved the dividend of SEK 5.00 per share (5.00) which corresponds to 58% (36) of the profit per share after full tax. The record date was set at 9 May 2000 and dividend is expected to be paid on 12 May 2000. CEO Börje Andersson's address (summary) By way of introduction, Börje Andersson ascertained that the Group had greatly expanded during the period from 1993 to 1998. The financial year 1999 was one of retrenchment, with a manifest economic downturn which, in combination with the reorganisation of Moteco, negatively affected earnings. In 1999, the Hexagon Group had a turnover of SEK 4.7 billion (4.9), with pre-tax earnings of MSEK 179 (313). The inflow of orders has increased steeply since November 1999 and, during the first quarter of 2000, earnings after financial items rose by 27% (excluding capital gains). To conclude, Mr. Andersson informed the Meeting of Hexagon's acquisition of Berendsen's hydraulics operations in the Nordic region. These operations generate a turnover of SEK 1.2 billion and will, together with Hexagon's subsidiary Dacke Hydraulik, become the largest and market- leading player in the Nordic region within the hydraulics sector. Election of Board of Directors Board Members Melker Schörling, Maths O Sundqvist, Hans Nergårdh, Sven Ohlsson and Carl-Henric Svanberg were re-elected. Ola Rollén was elected as a new Board Member. New President and CEO Ola Rollén took up his post as President and CEO of the Hexagon Group in connection with today's Annual General Meeting. Mr. Rollén stated that he considered Hexagon as a well-run group with great potential for further expansion. The challenge will be to make Hexagon considerably larger, less diversified and to impart to the Group a growth-oriented international image. Landskrona, Sweden, 4 May 2000 HEXAGON AB (publ)

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