From 2D to 6D

From 2D to 6D

Why Hexagon’s Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles is nothing like traditional ERP.

Ever wondered how assets evolve from mere data points to a multidimensional, real-time entity? In the realm of Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles, Hexagon takes us on a captivating journey through dimensions, and it's nothing short of revolutionary.
A Glimpse into Asset Management

When it comes to managing assets, be it for sprawling enterprises or government entities, the key lies in the depth of our understanding. Imagine this: you're sifting through rows and columns in a spreadsheet, crunching numbers, measuring parameters, and plotting trends. This is the traditional 2D or 3D approach to understanding assets, primarily focused on their physical attributes.

But is that really enough to capture the essence of an asset's entire lifecycle?

The Leap to 4D: Adding the Element of Time

Advanced asset management tools brought about a significant shift by introducing the fourth dimension - Time. This 4D perspective enabled stakeholders to track assets over time, a crucial aspect for proactive maintenance and strategic decision-making.

Just like life itself, assets are in a constant state of flux.

Hexagon's Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles: Beyond the Ordinary

Now, Hexagon's Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles takes this to an entirely new level. It's not merely about visualizing assets across time; it's about diving deep into six distinct dimensions. Starting with the familiar 2D and 3D physical attributes, ALI extends far beyond.

The 5th Dimension: Cost

In the world of ALI, the fifth dimension revolves around cost. It's about comprehending the financial aspects of an asset throughout its journey. This dimension reveals invaluable insights into the economic impact of asset management decisions.

In the realm of assets, every choice has a price, and every price influences the asset's life.

The 6th Dimension: Completeness

The sixth dimension is perhaps the most critical of all - completeness. It's all about ensuring that assets are not just monitored but maintained optimally. This dimension serves as the guardian of asset health and longevity.

Maintenance isn't just a chore; it's a lifeline for assets.

Tailoring Dimensions to Fit the Asset

Interestingly, these six dimensions are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, customization is the key to unlocking the full potential of assets. The six dimensions adapt to the type of assets and industries they serve. Every asset tells a unique story, and Hexagon's ALI ensures that every dimension aligns with that narrative.

Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles vs. Traditional ERP Solutions

In contrast, traditional approaches, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, offer data about the asset. Any visualization is derived from such data, often with a lag in data updates. Hexagon's ALI, on the other hand, creates a digital twin of the asset that mirrors the real asset and reflects tangible changes in real time, based on real alterations to the asset.

Hexagon's ALI doesn't just inform; it transforms data from assets into living, breathing entities.

Welcome to the future of asset management, where insights transcend dimensions.

In a world where intelligence isn't just an asset but the driving force behind innovation, Hexagon's Intelligence for Asset Lifecycles shines brightly. It's not just about seeing assets; it's about understanding, optimizing, and harnessing their full potential in real time.

This is Hexagon’s Intelligence of Things.

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