A connected world with global positioning.

Hexagon's intelligence for positioning empowers our daily lives with seamless navigation and autonomy.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is the unseen hero at the core of our everyday lives. From communications systems to mobile navigation applications, we rely on them daily without even thinking about it! 

GNSS, more commonly known as the GPS (Global Positioning System), operates on a network of satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites transmit signals that are received by GPS receivers on the ground. By triangulating signals from multiple satellites, GNSS receivers can determine their precise location in terms of latitude, longitude, and altitude.

The GNSS Satellite Constellation is a group of satellites circling 20,000 to 37,000 kilometres above the Earth. They are meticulously arranged to ensure global coverage. Six main constellations are managed by different countries—GPS (from the US), QZSS (Japan), BEIDOU (China), GALILEO (EU), GLONASS (Russia), and NavIC (India)—and they are in charge of keeping all those satellites in check. 

Intelligence beyond positioning:
Hexagon's Intelligence for Positioning provides high precision positioning technologies to advance navigation and autonomy systems. The technology isn't just for maps, though. It has become a cornerstone for countless industries, unlocking new possibilities and efficiencies. 
(Photographs in the slideshow are indicative. They are not from real places and incidents used in the examples.)

GNSS is at the core of our everyday lives. The invisible piece of this everyday technology provides invaluable information, without which, we’d be lost!

This is Hexagon’s Intelligence of Things.

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