Software upgrades

Drive productivity by updating to the latest software

Software upgrades

Outdated software can be a real productivity setback in quality assurance. Legacy software with slow processing can increase measurement routine programming and execution times. The software might also struggle to keep up with production requirements, in terms of output, application flexibility, and increasing measurement complexity.

A software upgrade revitalises your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and gives a better ROI on your system. New software is not only essential to renew an obsolete system, it provides better and quicker ways to acquire, analyse, manage, and report measurement data, as well as streamlining processes for greater productivity. Users with a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence software maintenance agreement (SMA) don’t need to worry about outdated software as they receive access to all new software updates.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s range of metrology software offers easy plug and play upgrades on many systems.

Why upgrade software?

The latest software:

  • May have critical changes to ensure compatibility with newer PCs
  • Can enable more functionalities with new features, improved performance and better user experience
  • Will run faster and remove processing issues
  • Increases data acquisition by supporting a wider range of sensors 

Why upgrade to PC-DMIS?

Not only is PC-DMIS the world’s leading CMM software, but PC-DMIS retrofits take less than a day, and machines can still run existing part programs.

  • Perform quick checks or program complex parts using a powerful, flexible graphical user interface
  • Ensure your systems conform to international (PTB and NIST) standards for CMM software
  • Gain additional insights and actionable information by reporting measurement data to third-party software packages for additional analysis and processing 
  • Integrate CAD data and systems
  • Keep CMMs at full measuring capacity with offline programming

Combining a PC-DMIS software upgrade with a hardware upgrade has additional benefits:

  • Enhance the speed, accuracy and performance of the CMM
  • Interface with the newest measurement devices, including scanning probe heads, non-contact probes, and fixturing systems
  • Remove the risk of downtime and expense associated with maintaining obsolete equipment
  • Improve system maintainability and reliability 

You might be looking to upgrade to software that enhances your capabilities in computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD CAM), or statistical process control (SPC). Perhaps upgrading to HxGN SMART Quality will help you achieve your goals of driving connectivity between measuring systems and exerting greater control over inspection machines and processes. 

Discover the full range of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s software.

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