Generative design with MSC Apex Generative Design Basic + Advanced Seminar

SFT106 + SFT205


The basic training on the first day is intended to provide a basic understanding of generative design and convey the underlying development philosophy. Based on this, the program and Optimization structure explained starting with geometry preparation. The goal is independent processing simple optimization tasks with basic parameter variation. In the advanced training on the second day, the further functions are conveyed and subtleties of the software are pointed out. This includes the development of a detailed understanding of additional settings and the behavior of the optimizer. In addition, valuable tips for the interpretation of optimization results passed on, which include a targeted parameter variation for enable desired structures to be achieved.


Target group

Future users who are new to the topic of generative design, users of additive manufacturing.


  • Generative design mindset
  • Basic program structure
  • Geometry creation, import & customization to a optimization model
  • Basic optimization knowledge
  • Construction of optimization models
  • Principles of evaluating the results
  • Basics for linking to other MSC products
  • Outlook on Advanced User Settings
  • Interpretation of results and parameter variation


We recommend knowledge of structural mechanics & CAD. No dedicated FEM knowledge is required. Both seminar components can also be booked individually, so that participants can do it according to their previous knowledge choose the best program. It is recommended to attend the basic seminar first.

Dates and location

Basic seminar:

04.06.2024, Hamburg, Germany

19.11.2024, Hamburg, Germany


Advanced seminar:

05.06.2024, Hamburg, Germany

20.11.2024, Hamburg, Germany



2 days


€ 640 + VAT


Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224