[NAS110] Working with custom MSC Nastran solution sequences using DMAP


COURSE GOAL: Direct Matrix Abstraction Programming (DMAP) is a macro language used to build and modify solution sequences in MSC Nastran. The DMAP language contains powerful matrix instructions as well as flexible scalar variable (parameter) operations. The File Management Section (FMS) is used for the attachment, initialisation, and manipulation of databases. The objective of this seminar is to present DMAP and database application techniques and to prepare attendees to develop DMAP and solution sequence alter packages. This seminar also provides experienced users with the knowledge to perform sophisticated tasks in MSC Nastran. Such tasks include the creation of DMAP sequences with subDMAPs and the creation of a solution sequence (delivery) database. Details are presented on the structured solution sequence (SOLs 100 through 200), DMAP structure, and Nastran Data Definition Language (NDDL)

COURSE COSTS : € 1.920

Pre-requisites: NAS101 or equivalent experience. Experience with additional solution sequences and super-element analysis is helpful.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of DMAP
  • Parameters
  • DMAP Modules
  • DMAP Alters
  • U set Partitioning and Merging
  • Additional Common Modules
  • Output Modules
  • Storing and Retrieving from the Database
  • ISHELL – Spawning Process
  • Modifying Delivering Database
  • Adding User SubDMAP to Delivering Database

COURSE DATES : March 07 – 09, 2023

Location: Garching next Munich, Germany

Contact: Email: msctraining.de@hexagon.com