Flexible bodies with Adams Flex to calculate



You will receive a theoretical introduction to multi-body dynamics with flexible bodies and to those coupled with them modal synthesis of FE models. Flexible bodies increase the accuracy of numerical predictions of mechanical systems, you also get the dynamic component stresses without additional effort. Interfaces for durability analysis offer additional added value for this technology.



  • Theoretical foundations of flexible bodies in Adams (principle of flexible bodies, Equations of motion, advantages of modal reduced bodies)
  • Theoretical foundations of modal synthesis (Craig-Bampton, Explanation of the various shift functions)
  • Simulation process for elastic bodies:
    • FE calculation (Ansys, Nastran, Abaqus, etc.)
    • Content modal neutral file (MNF)
    • Adam's calculation and results
    • Data transfer for service life calculation
  • Practical information:
    • Graphic representation of flexible bodies
    • Damping, integrator settings, choice of displacement functions
    • Stress and life calculation
  • Exercise examples:
    • Replacing rigid bodies with flexible ones, and replacing a flexible body with another
    • Contact calculation
    • Presentation of results using diagrams and animations
    • Meshing and MNF computation with Adams/ViewFlex



Basic knowledge of using Adams/Solver and Adams/View (ADM701)


Dates and location

16.-17.04.2024, Garching near Munich, Germany 11.-12.12.2024, Garching near Munich, Germany


2 days




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Email: msctraining.de@hexagon.com