Advanced Adams View Model Parameterization



You will learn how to parameterize a model in order to understand the influence of various modeling parameters on it to determine the structural behavior of the design. The parameters are approached iteratively in order to achieve optimal behavior to reach.



  • Introduction to parameterization
  • Expressions used in a parameterized model to be used:
    • Existing Adams/View functions
    • Access to database objects and their values components
  • Generating a parameterized model under use of:
    • Contruction points
    • Design Variables
  • Function generator (Design time functions in contrast to run-time functions)
  • Tables and table editor
  • Implementation of so-called multi-run simulations
  • Design Studies, Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Optimization
  • Design objectives and constraints
  • Evaluation of the results of a multi-run Simulation, Graphic representation


Basic Knowledge of Dealing with Adams (ADM701)


Dates and location

11.-12.03.2024, Garching near Munich, Germany

04.-05.11.2024, Garching near Munich, Germany



2 days