MSC Adams Basic


The course includes training in the use of Adams (View, Solver, PPT) in the modeling, analysis and postprocessing of rigid body mechanisms, with hints on the dynamics of multibody systems. Mathematical concepts are exposed and operational related to the definition of rigid bodies, ideal joints, yielding joints, forces, equations, measures; they describe the object libraries available for mechanism modeling and analysis; kinematic analyzes will be performed, statics, dynamics with hints on the aspects of numerical computation connected to the resolution of differential algebraic equations.


Knowledge of multibody problems.


  • Introduction: Virtual Prototyping Process
  • Adams/View Overview
  • Parts and Coordinate Systems, Geometry
  • Constraints, Joint Motions
  • Elastic Connections
  • Function Builders
  • State Variables, Differential Variables, Sensors, Splines, Contact, Measurements
  • Simulations
  • Adams/PostProcessor overview
  • Adams/Solver language: adm and acf
  • Analysis Parameters: Integrators, Errors, Hmax
  • Request
  • Output files: msg, gra, req, res
  • Best practices


3 days

1 – 2 – 3 February, Caponago


600 €/ per person per day


Daniele Catelani