MSC Adams Advanced


The course covers 2 peculiar aspects of multibody simulations: optimization and flexibility. With regard to optimization, the concepts of Design Variable, parametric analysis (Design Study, DOE, Optimization) and advanced analysis tools (Adams/Insight). We will deepen the use of the Function Builder for the creation of Objectives and Optimization Constraints, and advanced modeling concepts will be introduced (sensor, differential equation, macros). Regarding flexibility, the course introduces the dynamics of multibody systems with flexible bodies, modal analysis, i modal condensation methods, MNF file creation, Flexible Body management, analysis and postprocessing, for calculation of deformations and stress (Adams/Durability)


Knowledge of basic functionality of MSC Adams.


  • Variable design
  • Parametric Location and Orientation: Construction Point, Expression, Features
  • Measures and Objectives
  • Design Study, DOE and Optimization
  • Adams/Insight
  • Modal Flexibility: Theoretical background
  • FE rules for creating MNF files
  • MNF content and optimization
  • Working with flexible body models in Adams/View
  • Performing static, dynamic, and eigenvalue analyses
  • Exporting loads from Adams/View
  • Modeling contact with a flexible body
  • Adams/ViewFlex
  • Introduction to Adams/Durability
  • Stress Recovery Analysis: Hot pot Table, Nodal plots, Animation


3 days

12 – 13 – 14 June, Caponago


600 €/ per person per day


Daniele Catelani