Woodworking and stone cutting

Use specialist woodworking and stone-cutting solutions to deliver bespoke quality every time.

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The traditional trades of woodworking and stone cutting are expected to deliver bespoke quality for every job. Hexagon’s solutions for woodworking and stone cutting ensure efficient design and accurate manufacture for a range of essential consumer products.


While woodworking and stone cutting have historically been considered craft trades, the modern industry has embraced technology to help simplify processes from measurement and design to manufacture and installation. Fusing market-leading manufacturing software with the skills of their trades, woodworkers and stone cutters can reduce product lead times and make installations simpler.

Hexagon’s solutions for the woodworking and stone cutting markets include CAD CAM solutions specified for various disciplines of woodworking – from furniture and cabinetry to sculpture and art applications. Our stone-cutting solutions are specified to address the unique challenges of machining granite, marble and other high-end stone products.

Two cabinet makers in a workshop looking at a 3D model of a kitchen design on a laptop screen


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