SDKs (visualisation and analysis) for mobility

Build real-time tracking and visualisation applications for your autonomous mobility systems. 

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Unifly shapes drone space with Luciad at the core

Discover how Unifly’s drone management platform allows users to safely plan and fly UAVs in today’s commercial airspace. 

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Hexagon provides unmanned systems manufacturers and service providers with flexible SDKs to build customisable, real-time applications for their autonomous mobility solutions. With our capabilities, customers can ingest positioning data to track autonomous transportation and predict behavior on the roads, in the skies and on the water to improve future mobility. 


The use of driverless vehicles is expanding in public and private transportation, furthering the need for solutions that increase the safety and efficiency of transportation networks, while the use of military unmanned systems has become an essential component of security operations in the air, on land and at sea. 

Hexagon provides SDKs that developers can use to build geospatial visualisation and analysis solutions for the command, control and monitoring of the world’s increasingly autonomous systems. By combining sensor, satellite, weather and other real-time data, Hexagon’s solutions can track and monitor traffic movements, predict potential hazards and support accurate mobility. Through real-time visual data analytics, developers have the insights they need to ensure the safe operation of their unmanned systems.  

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