Robot and machine calibration

Ensure reliable performance from robots and machinery through calibration and optimisation.

Machine calibration with ETALON LASERBAR.

Machine calibration and optimisation

Explore solutions for geometric analysis and monitoring of machine tools, measuring machines, robots and structures.

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Hexagon provides system solutions for the accurate and comprehensive geometric analysis, monitoring and accuracy improvement of machine tools, measuring machines, robots and structures with a dedicated robot and machine calibration and optimisation range.


Machinery and robots are the stalwart components of major manufacturing operations and are increasingly common in smaller businesses as well. As manufacturing processes become more automated and increasingly autonomous, it is crucial that manufacturers have confidence in process and equipment capability.

When a machine or robot completes a repetitive function, calibration and alignment issues can occur and lead to downtime and scrap as uncalibrated equipment working at high throughput will only deliver waste faster. Robot and machine calibration is therefore a vital part of a smart manufacturing setup.

Hexagon’s dedicated solutions for robot and machine calibration are designed to keep all kinds of factory equipment in optimal operating condition, while global service teams are also on hand to support with equipment maintenance.

Industrial robot undergoing calibration by operator using software.


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