Roadway safety information management

Analyse and prioritise safety improvements across the roadway network.

Damaged car after a collision.

How data fusion and analytics improve road safety

Discover how modern data fusion processes significantly improve roadway transportation safety management workflow.

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Hexagon provides transportation safety engineers and analysts with an end-to-end solution for crash data ingestion, analysis and reporting to reduce traffic fatalities and improve road safety. 


Transportation agencies need to reduce the number of fatalities and severe crashes on their roads. However, making the right investments to improve roadway safety is challenging.

Hexagon’s roadway safety management solutions allow transportation departments and authorities to identify high-risk locations and improve roadway safety across the network. Our solution delivers accurate crash records, reduces errors and improves safety analysis with an integrated set of modular tools and automated workflows. With it, departments can produce reports to support safety project funding and Vision Zero initiatives.

Traffic congestion downtown in a city

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