Rail and transit network inspections

Ensure railway network safety and punctuality with dedicated rail and transit inspection solutions.

Rail and transit inspection on the rail network using the CALIPRI sensor range

Highly precise profile measurement for railway maintenance

Discover dedicated profile measurement solutions for rail and transit network inspections.

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Delivering efficient and safe public transport relies on well-maintained infrastructure. Hexagon provides rail and transit network maintenance companies with dedicated solutions for rail profile measurement, switch profile measurement and track geometry measurement.


Effective maintenance schedules are critical to the running of our rail and transit networks. Ensuring that maintenance teams have the right equipment is essential to keeping tracks in optimal condition and keeping trains running to timetables.

Hexagon’s non-contact profile measurement devices meet the demands of the railway industry for predictive maintenance with a reproducible and simple measurement method. From rails and switches to wheels and brakes, we have the right solution for any measurement task.

Our handheld rail and transit inspection solutions address rail profile, switch profile and track geometry measurements on the network quickly and accurately. Non-contact measurement operation ensures that the results are user-independent, giving a precise picture of the track condition, regardless of the shift.

Close up view of CALIPRI handheld sensor at work in rail and transit network inspection


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