Process control and analytics

Analyse data from throughout the process to optimise workflows and drive continuous improvement.

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Thinking differently about data

Watch this webinar to learn how Q-DAS software supports manufacturing analytics and process control via web-based dashboards.

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Providing a toolset of data management and statistical evaluation methods to suit manufacturers of all sizes and setups, Hexagon’s statistical process control (SPC) software and advanced manufacturing analytics solutions support quality assurance, capability evaluations and parameter-based process controls.


As manufacturers embrace greater automation, it is more crucial than ever that processes are validated and monitored effectively to avoid scrap and costly rework. Process control and analytics solutions use data from a variety of sources, including quality inspection, on-machine sensors and environmental and asset monitoring systems, to help manufacturers ensure equipment is effective and producing products to a consistent standard.

Hexagon’s process control and analytics solutions include statistical process control software, dimensional data management solutions and quality planning and analytics tools that bring product development and measurement technology closer together. Our solutions enable manufacturers to plan, collect and analyse information from various stages of the product lifecycle to evaluate process capability and inform continuous operational improvement.

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