Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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Nexus Connected Worker Solutions enables you to collect accurate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics, display them on easy-to-use dashboards and address the key issues that affect it.


Nexus Connected Worker Solutions' OEE capabilities help to leverage the most value from your equipment. We improve OEE in these key areas:

  • Availability - Our solutions allow your o track uptime, plan downtime and characterise or tag downtime reason codes, so you get to root cause and address key issues.
  • Performance - We can outfit production lines with sensors and PLCs to automatically track production in real time, as well as against ideal cycle times.
  • Quality - We enable the collection of quality information and report it with priority in mind, so the most important issues affecting quality rise to the top to be addressed immediately. This reduces the administrative overhead of collecting and reporting on data quickly enough to improve outcomes.
A team of three manufacturing workers reviewing a machines data and functionality to review its' overall equipment effectiveness.


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