Mission planning

Leverage real-time location technologies and sensor data for better mission planning.

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No plan survives the battlefield

See how real-time data can augment geographic data, military symbology, 3D models and more to execute missions.

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Hexagon provides defence agencies and systems integrators with capabilities to create informed and flexible mission plans and planning applications. Our solutions let military operators leverage imagery, maps, weather data, real-time sensor feeds and other inputs to create dynamic battle plans.


Military mission planning is a detail-oriented process that is critical to achieving success and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. It requires analysing historical data, assessing multiple risk factors, simulating numerous scenarios and more. But no matter how much defence organisations prepare and plan, the unforeseeable can happen during the operation.

Hexagon provides mission-critical capabilities that integrate data and intelligence from the battlefield, UAV and unmanned systems, weather, IoT sensors and more. In the command center or in field, our mission-planning solutions help defence operators quickly update and adjust strategies and tactics based on real-time information and conditions.

Topographic mission map with computerized overlay

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