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Hexagon’s approach and value in the mines ecosystem

Technology that empowers you to create, capture and deliver 100% of a mine’s value throughout the life of a mine.

Mines have adopted a broad range of digital solutions in recent years. By leveraging data from the mine’s physical assets and enabling remote and virtual access, mines can improve situational awareness, augment digital capabilities and create platforms that integrate people, data, analytics and workflows.

Hexagon is transforming the mine ecosystem with its fully integrated approach for the life of the mine, fusing previously disparate point solutions into a single Smart Digital Reality by:

  • Turning constraint into opportunity — The challenges of decreasing ore grades and the higher costs of extraction accelerate the opportunities to digitally transform mines to increase productivity, safety and sustainability
  • Moving beyond the digital twin — The establishment of a Smart Digital Reality that moves beyond a digital twin, enabling a single source of truth — a digital thread of data that goes beyond smart mining to being seamlessly connected throughout every phase of the life of a mine
  • Enabling a connected ecosystem of innovative mining solutions — The fusion of sensor hardware, task-specific software and services expertise, specifically packaged together for maximum value creation at every phase and discipline of a mine’s life

What's holding you back?
  • Diminishing supply (grade, depletion, competition)
  • Social license to operate greenfield sites
  • Long development lead times of 10-20 years
  • Coordination and collaboration across disciplines, mines and between teams is difficult or nonexistent
  • Lack of automation and autonomy for repeatable procedures
  • More rigorous sustainability and carbon neutrality requirements

The value we create throughout the life of a mine

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