Mine Personnel and Equipment Safety

Protect people and equipment without compromising efficiency and results.

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Securing miners’ safety amidst heavy traffic, large equipment and poor visibility is challenging. So is balancing the pressure for productivity with the need for safety. Hexagon believes solutions that put people first need not sacrifice efficiency and results.


Rock-solid safety solutions

The daily dangers miners face are too numerous and varied to be addressed by point solutions. Poor visibility, blind spots, fatigue, distraction and slope instability can only be mitigated by a comprehensive safety response combining technology and a commitment to zero-harm culture.

To take zero harm seriously, mining companies need an enterprise solution to transform safety data into actionable intelligence backed by a proven change management methodology to ensure a meaningful safety culture prevails.

Hexagon provides this response by integrating systems for collision avoidance, operator alertness, pedestrian protection, vehicle intervention and slope monitoring. 

Our collision avoidance system, for example, is used in more than 40,000 vehicles and equipment and allows mines to receive real-time equipment visualisation with timely alerts about hazardous areas for people and machinery.

Hexagon’s enterprise analytics solution offers a window into all aspects of traffic management safety.

worker walking towards haul truck with a graphic icon displaying an element of Hexagon's mine safety program


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