Manufacturing project management

Control projects from quote to shipping with digital manufacturing project management solutions.

Time tracking on a smartphone dashboard using WORKPLAN manufacturing project management software

Digitalising manufacturing project management to improve efficiency

Build efficient workflows and share information effectively with digital manufacturing project management software.

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For manufacturers, workshop efficiency can be the difference between a profitable job and written-off project. Hexagon’s manufacturing project management tools address key areas from quoting and material estimates to machining and tool management strategies to packaging and shipping costs.


From the largest OEM to the smallest job shop, there are always new efficiencies to be found in shop-floor operations. Manufacturers of all sizes are increasingly implementing digital project management tools to create consistent, repeatable and efficient workflows for the complete process. 

Hexagon’s manufacturing project management solutions integrate the functionality of enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), material requirements planning (MRP) and quality management systems (QMS) to help manufacturers control vital operations from a single system. These digital tools enable easy management of the end-to-end workflow, including project enquiry, cost estimation and quotation, preparation and optimisation of manufacturing strategies, part programming and tool management, workshop scheduling, material management, part production and inspection, dispatch and final invoicing.

Manufacturing project management planning and scheduling using WORKPLAN from Hexagon


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