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Hexagon’s approach and value to the infrastructure ecosystem

Hexagon puts data to work across the infrastructure ecosystem to optimise how projects are planned, built and maintained.

We aim to close the €13 trillion infrastructure gap by putting data to work across the entire infrastructure ecosystem, optimising how projects are designed, planned, built, operated and maintained — a fundamentally different approach that improves profitability, creates lasting resiliency and delivers on the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).


Our unique approach to transformative innovation

Hexagon is unleashing and accelerating the benefits of rapidly emerging smart infrastructure technologies, creating new business models and transformative innovations that are driving a sustainable, resilient future.

Hexagon’s approach is based on three principles:

  • The fusion of sensor hardware, solution-specific software and autonomous technologies leveraged for maximum value creation at every stage of the project lifecycle
  • A commitment to accelerating project delivery by putting data to work to help streamline even the most complex projects and tasks
  • Deploying technologies that integrate with existing hardware, OEMs and legacy solutions

What's holding you back?
  • Increasingly complex projects
  • Slow adoption of technology
  • Siloed workflows
  • Limited data-sharing and interoperability
  • Increasingly complex projects
  • Limited collaboration between disciplines and teams

The value we create throughout the life of an infrastructure asset

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