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Hexagon’s approach to the defence ecosystem

Delivering innovative digital defence technologies that protect a nation’s interests to ensure peace and stability.

In a world where technology can provide a competitive advantage to nations, Hexagon’s global leadership in sensors, software, location intelligence and autonomous solutions unleashes the power of data to help defence organisations protect their national security against technologically savvy adversaries.

What's holding you back?
  • An inability to handle unconventional military threats
  • Failure to identify “grey area” or ambiguous threats
  • Failure to respond quickly enough to rapidly emerging events and scenarios
  • Human bias when processing and interpreting information
  • Challenges managing and exploiting large and complex data sets coming from a variety of sources
  • Vulnerable communication networks and timing infrastructure
  • Inaccessible data and obstacles to data-sharing across military branches and allies
  • Lack of interoperability between legacy solutions
  • Cyberthreats, radio frequency interference, jamming and poor data security

The value our defence solutions create throughout the defence ecosystem

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