CT analysis

Go under the surface and analyse unseen details with industrial computed tomography (CT) analysis.

Industrial CT analysis for non-destructive testing in Hexagon’s VGSTUDIO MAX computed tomography software

Look beyond dimensions with CT analysis software

Volume Graphics, part of Hexagon, provides software for industrial computed tomography. Learn more about CT analysis.

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What's on the inside matters. By accurately representing both outer surfaces and inner structures, CT analysis of X-ray images offers unique insights into product quality, from the surface to the core, for non-destructive testing and other applications.


Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning offers manufacturers unique insight into their products. X-ray technology captures 2D data from both outer surfaces and internal structures in multiple slices. CT analysis software can reconstruct this 2D data into 3D voxel data, providing a comprehensive 3D visualisation of the scanned object. Advanced CT analysis and visualisation software then enables a range of applications, including measurement, defect detection, mesh creation and simulation, that provide a complete understanding of the product and its structures. 

Hexagon’s CT analysis software provides a non-destructive testing solution that offers value throughout the manufacturing process from design prototyping to inline testing and quality assurance. The benefits of CT analysis are particularly relevant for the analysis of parts with complex internal features, those made from materials prone to porosity and other internal defects, and parts produced by additive manufacturing.

Hexagon’s CT analysis solutions enable manufacturers to conduct geometry and material analyses on the same part.
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