Citizen reporting

Leverage and operationalise crowdsourced location data and information from your residents.

Lodz University campus reflected on the water

Lodz University of Technology creates a smart campus

Discover how Poland’s Lodz University of Technology uses crowdsourcing to report incidents and create a smarter campus

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Hexagon helps local governments and organisations crowdsource information from residents and their communities to improve infrastructure and services. 


City residents are a valuable source of information about problems with infrastructure and services. Crowdsourcing  data from residents helps resource-thin local governments and organisations become more informed about incidents and conditions across the city. 

Powered by the cloud, Hexagon’s citizen reporting smartphone app empowers residents to submit location-based information that officials can view, analyse and act on from a map-based dashboard. The solution helps governments better manage assets and services and demonstrate a commitment to public participation and community improvement.

Woman reporting a security or safety problem from her mobile phone

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