Digitalised perspective of people in a smart city

Hexagon’s approach and value in the smart cities and nations ecosystem

Enabling governments, industry and citizens to work together to achieve safe, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Cities and nations are complex ecosystems with thousands of moving parts and processes. Hexagon’s innovative approach to smart city solutions enables governments, industry and citizens to work together to achieve safe, vibrant and sustainable communities.


Digital first – always safe and intelligently connected

Digitalisation of our cities and nations – embracing technology to enable and empower data to do its greatest good – is an essential part of preparing for a secure, connected and sustainable future. Making this transition and building the capacity to adapt, grow and overcome nearly any challenge, including reducing environmental impact, all comes down to data. Hexagon’s approach has three tiers:

  • Creating a Smart Digital Reality — Hexagon’s world leading digital reality solutions enable exact replicas of the physical world — city streets, power grids and buildings — as well as digitalised workflows, like emergency service dispatch, or real time traffic conditions. This Smart Digital Reality becomes the basis for quick, well-informed decisions and well-coordinated response.
  • Safety is paramount — Data enables government agencies and officials, administrators and service providers to do their greatest work. Hexagon delivers data-driven insights for planning and operations that help critical service providers overcome unprecedented challenges and ensure safety.
  • Connectivity is critical — Intelligently connect all relevant stakeholders to the right information. Hexagon takes smart city solutions one step further to break down barriers between departments, organisations, cities and nations with access to real-time dynamic data that is contextualised and analysed so events are seen, reported, interpreted and predicted rapidly and accurately.

 What's holding you back?
  • Operational silos and lack of optimal communication
  • Multiple and disparate legacy systems
  • Rapidly changing conditions due to unforeseen events
  • Accelerated urban population growth
  • No resiliency plan for physical and digital infrastructure
  • Insufficient budgets or funding
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity challenges
  • Lack of connectivity
  • Data storage and accessibility

Creating, capturing and delivering value across city and nation ecosystems

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