Ensure manufacturability in design with 3D CAD software created specifically for CAM applications

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Bridging the gap between design and manufacturing

Discover DESIGNER, a dedicated CAD for CAM software offering intuitive, powerful and versatile CAD capabilities.

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Seamless data transfer between the design and production stages of the product lifecycle is crucial to ensure manufacturability and production efficiency. Hexagon’s specialised computer-aided design (CAD) for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions bridge the gap from design to manufacturing, enabling efficient and accurate production.


3D computer-aided design (CAD) software is commonly used alongside or even to replace manual drafting processes in product design. Working in 3D CAD software enables engineers to automate elements of the design process and more accurately model and visualise designs, and to test them via simulation in computer-aided engineering (CAE) software. However, CAD software itself does not necessarily ensure the part design is manufacturable and can be produced at the correct quality.

Hexagon’s dedicated CAD for CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) solutions are designed to create a seamless workflow from 3D modelling to production. Powerful computer aided design capabilities allow designers and engineers the freedom to explore multiple designs and optimise the best candidates before exporting directly to the CAM software for manufacturing.

Two engineers in a manufacturing environment looking at a 3D CAD model on a large screen


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