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Hexagon’s approach and value to the buildings ecosystem

In a perfect world, your workflows and data work seamlessly together and your projects are always on time and on budget.

In a perfect world, your people, workflows and data work seamlessly together. Your projects and teams are in sync, productive and always completed on time and budget. Your buildings are of the highest quality, efficient, resilient, safe and sustainable.

Our unique approach to digital disruption

Hexagon's building solutions facilitate the convergence of design, plan, build and operation phases through real-time access to relevant data throughout the AE&C lifecycle — a unique approach built on:

  • Challenging the status quo — A commitment to challenge the status quo of meager productivity growth, time and cost overruns and low profitability
  • Establishing a Smart Digital Reality — Hexagon’s building solutions enable a connected ecosystem where a digital thread of data is woven throughout every phase of a building’s life
  • Creating value — The fusion of sensor hardware, buildings-specific software and services expertise, specifically packaged to be leveraged together for maximum value creation at each stage of the building’s lifecycle

 What's holding you back?
  • An estimated 197 million assets are created in a typical project; large projects consist of 130 million emails, 55 million documents and 12 million workflows (source: Oracle)

  • Siloed, fragmented, inaccessible and static data: 
    • 95.5% of data goes unused (source: FMI)
    • 13% of a construction team’s time is spent looking for data, equaling five hours per week per person of wasted time (source: AGC)
  • No interoperability between installed legacy solutions; 30% of companies are using applications that don’t integrate (source: AGC)
  • Lack of automation for repeatable tasks
  • Low-profit margins
  • Data-sharing, coordination and collaboration across disciplines, lifecycle phases and between teams is difficult or non-existent
  • Increasingly rigorous sustainability requirements
  • Low productivity in the field

The value we create throughout the life of a building

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