Aviation Planning and Operations

Visualise and analyse aviation data to improve air navigation, air traffic management and more. 

 Lufthansa aircraft in flight

Lufthansa visualises data and real-time updates in flight

Lufthansa integrates dynamic aeronautical chart data for route optimisation and situational awareness. 

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Hexagon provides air navigation service providers and aviation companies with software and solutions to visualise, analyse and produce aeronautical information to optimise air traffic operations and flight plans, support real-time decision-making and regulate diverse airspaces.

  • Charts and AIS
  • ATM and ATC
  • Airports
  • Training

Aeronautical charts are essential for developing flight plans, ensuring safe altitudes along routes, determining emergency landing locations and more. Keeping charts updated is critical to aircraft navigation and safety. 

Hexagon’s technologies aid in the production and management of aeronautical charts, aeronautical information service (AIS) and aeronautical information management (AIM) solutions. With out-of-the-box support for common standards, such as AIXM and ICAO symbology, and the ability to display and work with millions of vector elements and shapes in the same view in 2D, 3D and 4D, we are a leader in supporting solutions that read, edit, use and share critical aeronautical data. 

Airplane cockpit features a range of flight data

The growing amount of traffic at airports and airspaces and the need to integrate unmanned vehicle operations creates a more complex environment for air traffic managers and controllers. They need access to large amounts of dynamic real-time data to ensure aviation safety and avoid airspace congestion and delays. 

Hexagon provides technologies that support better situational awareness for air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC). A long-time technology provider to major ANSPs and aviation system developers, we ensure high performance and accuracy — regardless of the amount of data and number of dynamic objects — to power visualisation and analysis for aviation planning, airspace and aircraft monitoring, unmanned vehicle command and control and more. 

Air traffic control team working in a control tower

Airports are complex operations, involving aircraft ground movement, passenger and luggage management, facilities and infrastructure maintenance and more. Airport managers need richer data and deeper insights for better ground operations, asset utilisation and passenger experiences. 

Hexagon supports airports and their vendors with geospatial technologies for visualising, analysing, sharing and acting on information. From tools for building advanced common operating pictures and enterprise GIS software for aviation planning and asset management to dashboards for monitoring results and performance, we support safe and efficient airport management and operations. 

Busy airport departure terminal and tarmac

Flight training and simulation are crucial to ensure air traffic controllers and pilots are prepared to handle any situation. Training and simulation systems must therefore mimic real-world aviation activities and create realistic scenarios for users. 

Hexagon provides training and simulation system developers with technologies to meet the high-performance needs of ATC organisations and pilots. We ensure systems deliver the same capabilities used in air traffic, flight planning and operational systems through support for common aeronautical standards and symbology, weather and spatial data, live tracks, NOTAM and procedures, fluent 2D and 3D environments and more. 

flight simulator running a sequence

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