Autonomous vehicle data and sensor platform integration

Customisable integration services for every stage of autonomous vehicle projects.

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Our team of experts can integrate products into a variety of autonomous vehicle platforms spanning many industries.

  • Customised solutions
  • Show-room style integration
  • R&D style integration
  • Vehicle customisation
  • NEV and off-road integration

Customised solutions

The custom designs we offer include:

  • Junction boxes
  • Camera housings
  • Custom racks
  • Custom harnesses
  • Carbon fibre surface molding
  • Custom bodywork
Image of Hexagon-branded vehicle with autonomous capabilities

Showroom style

Showroom-style vehicles are designed to blend in with typical road vehicles. Nicely integrated autonomous vehicle sensors result in a clean and sleek finish. This option is often used for showing off the capabilities of the next generation of mobility.

Stylized representation of showroom vehicle

R&D style

R&D style is ideal for automated research and sensor evaluations. Vehicles are built to allow you to quickly make mounting adjustments and swap out sensors. Choose R&D style if you’re more concerned with making quick and easy changes to your sensor configurations than with blending in with other road vehicles.

R&D style allows for easy development. Once they've decided on the location of sensors, many customers then order a showroom-style vehicle with sensors integrated into final locations.

Lexus with roof rack and bumper sensors

Custom vehicle integration

Do you want to test with a vehicle that isn’t offered as one of our autonomous vehicle development platforms? Our integration team can work on any vehicle to integrate any sensors, even if we didn’t provide them. Vehicles we’ve worked on include:

  • Tesla
  • Chevrolet
  • Acura
  • GMC
  • Audi
  • Genesis
  • Chrysler

Stylized representation of vehicle with custom integration

NEV and off-road vehicle integration

We offer both NEV and off-road vehicles with showroom- or R&D-style integration.

Our standard off-road vehicle is the Polaris Ranger.

Our standard NEV vehicle is the Polaris GEM, which we can customise to include two, four or six seats and a bed.

Polaris vehicle


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