Yoonil – targeting the medical device market through WorkNC

Yoonil - Targeting the Medical Device Market through WORKNC

Hexagon’s CAD CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) software portfolio enables manufacturers to generate, manage and optimise CNC machining toolpaths for more efficient production processes.

Yoonil is a business that manufactures precision moulds, including battery parts for mobile phones and electric vehicles. When the market was subject to the COVID-19 situation, Yoonil was able to quickly respond to urgent requests for the manufacture of diagnostic kits and special syringe moulds, thanks to our existing know-how and the application of WORKNC solutions. WORKNC is a high-end automated CAD/CAM solution specialised for the mould and die industry and supports CNC programming of complex surfaces or solid models for 2 to 5-axis machining. Using WORKNC, Yoonil was able to significantly improve productivity, achieving a 33% reduction in work time while maintaining high quality in the manufactured products.

Mould production in only 10 days using WORKNC during rapid increase in the demand for medical devices due to Covid19

Established in 1997, Yoonil is a manufacturer specialising in injection moulds and has been recognised for excellence at home and abroad in the fields of precision moulds for the electronics and automotive industries, etc. With the advent of COVID-19, Yoonil expanded our business area to include the manufacture of medical device moulds. Due to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus, we had to produce a COVID-19 diagnostic kit mould in 10 days. Because Yoonil was new to the medical device field, however, an insufficient database of accumulated know-how in the field caused some difficulty. Nonetheless, by drawing on our experience in other areas of precision moulding and by utilising WORKNC solutions, we were able to produce a mould for a Covid19 diagnostic kit in only 10 days.

Cho Byeong-joo, the engineer in charge of the CAM parts section at Yoonil, said “By utilising WORKNC's automatic data calculation function configured for electrode processing, we were able to achieve a reduction in program wait time by 33% over previous instances.”
Yoonil - Targeting the Medical Device Market through WORKNC

WORKNC improved work speed by 33% and has excellent accessibility and stability

Yoonil has been using WORKNC for die core and electrode processing work since 2000. According to Director Cho Byeong-joo, “we use WORKNC in a variety of processes because it has excellent editing functions and can respond quickly to our needs. This is thanks to the customization we achieved based on our long-time accumulation of WORKNC know-how plus support from Hexagon." Citing a concrete example, Cho says "in relation to all the changes we are currently pursuing, there is a part that must be marked on the electrode, something that is clearly different to what other companies have. The support we get from Hexagon to help us utilise WORKNC for this task was very satisfying."

When undertaking medical device core production, WORKNC allows you to freely select the fields and directions you want to edit in X, Y and Z directions. The editing is easy and fast, and if you predetermine which parts must be processed and which parts must not, the toolpath is quickly generated. As a result, editing and toolpath work takes less time, and this helped us to speed up core production. For electrode processing, the WORKNC sequence function allowed us to improve our work efficiency. The sequence function is a unique WORKNC function that allows you to store in a database all information regarding machining conditions, used tools, machined areas and inventory for all work processes in a specific job.

Yoonil - Targeting the Medical Device Market through WORKNC

Using this function to maintain the same processing quality and shortening program waiting times and working time for similar work operations, we were able to increase the work process speed and improve productivity. In order to help Yoonil maximise our use of the sequence function, Hexagon added a function that allows us to automatically calculate the configured data values. As a result, Yoonil was able to reduce up the work time required to process medical device electrodes by up to 33%. Cho Byeong-joo: "Because we can make one selection and then work continuously, there is no process waiting time. Because the calculations are run continuously from 1 to 10, the operators have been able to focus on other work during that time."

Yoonil - Targeting the Medical Device Market through WORKNC

Yoonil's Director Song Jae-kyung described the advantages of WORKNC in the following way. "WORKNC is highly efficient but also has excellent accessibility. We found that one week alone was enough for a newly recruited engineer to complete the related training course and learn the basics of how WORKNC works."

Another advantage of WORKNC is stability. If a mistake is made when dividing up the area to be processed, there is a potential for the product or the tools to be damaged. Fortunately, WORKNC provides an intuitive visualisation of which areas must be processed and which must not, thus increase job stability.

Yoonil - Targeting the Medical Device Market through WORKNC

Yoonil sets its sights on expanding beyond electronic and car parts to embrace top tier medical devices

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the K-BIO project has emerged into prominence, our related industries have increased their global status. Yoonil foresees that there will be a corresponding increase in demand for ultra-precision moulds, so we plan to expand our business focus and invest heavily in the development and automation of production for insulin syringes, genetic testing devices, etc.

Furthermore, Yoonil plans to implement more WORKNC solutions and utilise them to expand our medical device business, so we hope to discuss with Hexagon about how they can support the automation of Yoonil's operations using their diverse portfolio.
Not only is WORKNC highly effective, but it is also extremely approachable. We found that a single week was enough for a newly recruited engineer to complete the related training course and learn the basics of how the system works.
Song Jae-kyung

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