VISI gives flexibility for tiny and large mould components

Injection Point S.R.L - U.K.

A hot runner and injector specialist for the mould and die industry uses a range of VISI CAD/CAM software to optimise their workflow, saying it’s the most suitable solution for their working requirements.

“We use it for feasibility studies before the production phase, and to formulate quotations for customers,” says Sergio Pozzan, founder and owner of Injection Point S.R.L. “Information is better organised, and errors minimised when moving from design to the machining phase, thanks to VISI’s unique interface.”

Being an integral part of their processes, VISI Modelling is used for design, VISI Flow to simulate plastic injection flow inside the mould, and VISI Machining to program complex cycles. The company, based in Turin, specialises in the construction of hot runners from 8 mm diameter up to 2300 mm centre-to-centre distances, 240V and 24V injectors and filtering systems for thermoplastics. As well as injector lines and direct injector groups, they also produce control units and filter nozzles for improving how melted thermoplastic is burned and to purify it from ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 

“I founded Injection Point in 2001 after considerable time in the industry as a project manager, production manager and quality manager. I was able to make use of my in-depth experience and apply it to hot runner design and construction, as well as to injectors for moulding thermoplastic materials. Now, using VISI, I can offer a widely tested product to the market which is capable of being used with the most up-to-date plastic materials, and is highly technical, ensuring customers can meet all production quality requirements.”

Those customers are largely mould makers across a variety of sectors including medical and automotive. “Our hot runners and injectors are used to produce medical products – and therefore extremely small printed details – as well as large products such as car bumpers.”

This flexibility means they need to have a completely accurate knowledge of a diverse range of customer needs, and complete details about the required mould. “We must know the type of press that will be used, technical specifications of the final printed part, such as material and weight, and any constructive constraints, so that we can customise our injection system to the correct size.”

All their products are designed and machined using VISI, which he says they opted for because it is the most suitable software for their requirements – “Simple, intuitive, and, above all, reliable.”  Their first VISI solution was a Modelling license which they use during the design phase. The second investment was the VISI Machining CAM module to program complex cycles for their two CNC machining centres – a Mikron VCE1250 with a Haas Fanuc controller, and a Bridgeport VMC 1000 XP2 with Heidenhain control. “And recently, VISI Flow to simulate plastic injection flow inside the mould completed our VISI suite. We use VISI Flow for all our internal simulations, and also to offer an additional service to any customers who need it.”

Injection Point’s technical department is equipped with dedicated computers for design, and he says they can work quickly and easily on both 2D and 3D projects. “Waiting times between a customer asking for an initial study, and our answer, is almost always within three days.”

Operating with seven employees from an 800 square metre plant, the company works with partners to extend their market to a large part of Europe, the United States, Mexico, India and China. Export currently cover around 30 per cent of their total revenue. “Despite the downturn that has hit our field globally in recent years, with the help of VISI, our products are always of the highest quality, meaning customers continue to have full confidence in us, and we remain competitive with a good market share.” 
In conclusion Sergio Pozzan says thanks to VISI their customers can count on them for everything concerning mould construction, from the design phase through to the final mould testing. “We guarantee one of the fastest support services in the market – within 24 hours in Italy, and 48 hours throughout the rest of Europe.”