Webinar Series HxGN System Dynamics – Shift to Zero Prototype (Webinar 2)

Predicting and Optimising ePowertrain NVH performance with HxGN System Dynamics

Hexagon System Dynamics provide technology solutions across a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and general manufacturing, where each sector are adapting towards zero carbon footprint and making a journey towards sustainability. Hexagon System Dynamics offers a broad variety of simulation solutions for system-level NVH analysis and optimisation, from gear and electric machine design through to vehicle sound-quality assessment. With NVH being a key part of end-customer product perception, this suite of tools empowers engineers with insight into system-level NVH behaviour throughout the process, and ultimately enable them to bring higher-quality products to market more quickly.

What I am going to present in the next few slides, is the NVH simulation for:

  • Initial conceptual design of the motor as a subsystem
  • Detailed NVH analysis of the motor
  • Motor coupling with a gearbox
  • Detailed ePowertrain analysis, looking at vibration and free-field noise radiation analysis
  • Vehicle interior noise analysis
  • Capability to extend that to subjective noise and drive comfort assessment

Riza Jamaluddin
System Dynamics Specialist
Design and Engineering business unit
Manufacturing Intelligence Division