A partnership of lasting quality

Velan - France

Velan is one of the world’s largest industrial valve manufacturers and is acknowledged as a flag bearer for quality and innovation. Founded in 1950, it continues to draw on its technical prowess and cutting-edge innovation to design exceptionally robust fixtures that meet the critical requirements of the power generation, chemical and petrochemical products, petrol and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenics and shipbuilding industries.

Velan’s many product ranges are grouped into the following categories: gate, globe, check and quarter-turn valves. Throughout each of these categories, quality is paramount for Velan, from design to production.

Right from the start, Velan has been active in the nuclear sector and has become renowned for its reliability. It has supplied 360 valves for the world’s 440 nuclear facilities. Today, the company has a global network of 14 specialist factories. Its principal activity is designing, manufacturing and marketing premium steel valves in a wide variety of models and dimensions.

Velan has two ROMER Absolute Arm measuring arms, which allow us to have direct control of the machines right at the heart of production

Lasting quality

At Velan, lasting quality is much more than a slogan; it is a daily necessity that dictates its design, manufacturing, testing and working methods. Joël Camier, Control Service Manager at Velan France explains, “Velan is synonymous with quality, and control is an integral part of production.

Our quality department has around 15 staff. Velan has two ROMER Absolute Arm measuring arms, which allow us to have direct control of the machines right at the heart of production. There is no need to take anything apart. “The results are reliable and extremely fast. The programmes in our database allow us to find part numbers very easily and rerun checks extremely quickly. Our teams are passionate about our Hexagon measuring arms and their many applications.”

Continuing improvement

Velan is constantly looking to introduce new, improved models to the market, which focus on quality, security, ease of use, easy in-line maintenance and – above all – long product life. These interlinked characteristics, combined with ultrarigorous design criteria, high-quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and the automation of every manufacturing phase, enable the company to offer extremely high-quality products.

Mélanie Cestari, Quality Manager, adds: “Continued improvement is at the heart of Velan SAS, and especially in the Quality department. It is particularly paramount in the nuclear sector, that everyone works in controlled conditions and that the products are infallible. Like all of our instruments, the Quality Control department’s equipment is subject to rigorous testing. Our many certifications depend on this. Our excellent experience with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is based on reliable, easy-to-use solutions and a qualified local service, which is always on hand.” Quick, reliable checks on the machines themselves, right at the heart of production.