​The Digitalisation of Agriculture Tips the Scales


20 March 2018

Today’s large-scale farming operations face escalating challenges, none more significant than how to best manage resources. Although it’s been proven that the right technologies can address these issues. inertia seems to hang over the industry, preventing widespread adoption of digital solutions that tip the scales toward optimal planning, execution and monitoring.

So, why does less than 20% of agricultural acreage currently use data-driven operations? Primarily, it’s because traditional solutions have made it difficult to gather and make sense of farming data, let alone apply it. Clunky applications that include siloed information and manual tasks can cause significant hesitation with regard to adopting information technology.

Hexagon Agriculture solutions change this. By empowering today’s farms with intelligent data, these technologies enable smart, digital operations that stretch resources, reduce waste and allow for a more abundant harvest.

With solutions for forestry, equipment efficiency, precision agriculture and more, Hexagon is dramatically increasing the potential for today’s farms to optimise their processes. With these technologies, it is now possible to capture vast amounts of agricultural data and use it to make smarter decisions every day. This data comes from every interaction that occurs in the field and beyond, enabling improvements to operational sequences, asset allocation, adherence to execution plans and more.

Hexagon is shaping smart change in agriculture globally. For example, Hexagon’s customer, Raízen, is using Hexagon Agriculture solutions to optimise every step of its production, from field preparation to the exportation of the finished product. In recognition of its effective use of technology, the company was named Brazil’s 100+ Innovators in IT.

From digitally informing resource planning, automation and monitoring, to partnering with equipment manufacturers, Hexagon has something for every agricultural challenge. These smart solutions enable the digitalisation of agriculture at its best, adding value to natural resources, connecting operations and processes and automating a digital ecosystem that taps into unlimited potential for farmers.

The Shape of Potential. Shaping Smart Change.

Bernardo de Castro
Hexagon Agriculture

Bernardo de CastroBernardo de Castro is president of Hexagon Agriculture and has more than 10 years of experience with technology companies. Bernardo has an automation engineering background and is a co-founder and former CEO of Arvus Tecnologia, a Brazil-based leader in precision agriculture software and hardware acquired by Hexagon in 2014.