The difference between a certified preowned and a used CMM

Taking the "used" feeling out of the used CMM buying experience.


Why buy a pre-owned CMM from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence?

Our goal is to take the "used" feeling out of the used CMM buying experience. We don't believe in bait-and-switch tactics, selling old software or computers, and not backing up each and every purchase with parts and service availability, technical support, training and a warranty. We don't sell machines that we don't already own, we don't sell machines sight-unseen, and we don't pretend to be experts about machines we didn't make in the first place. Our goal is offer a continually up to date inventory of clean, pre-owned machines that you can buy with confidence. 

You can buy with confidence from the OEM

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is the original equipment manufacturer of dozens of models of CMMs found on the secondary market. We are known for original major brands such as Brown & Sharpe, Sheffield Measurement, DEA, Leitz, ROMER, Optiv, Leica Geosystems and TESA. As the world's largest CMM manufacturer, a great percentage of the secondary market are our machines to begin with.

We know these machines well because we designed and built them in the first place. We are not a broker, an auction house, a used equipment clearing house, or a third party dealer, and we sell pre-owned machines that we can fully support after the sale, with parts, warranty, calibration, training and service.


If we're selling it, we own it

All the pre-owned machines available for sale are in our possession. We do not broker machines for third parties or otherwise deal in machinery we have not inspected and reconditioned ourselves. We have a team of buyers that scour the globe for the best candidates for our pre-owned machinery business looking for the best, cleanest Brown & Sharpe, DEA, Leitz, ROMER, Leica and Sheffield machines available.


We don't collect listings, we turn CMM's

We're not about having the longest list of machines. In fact, our list never gets all that long because our inventory turns constantly. With dozens of salespeople in the field, our used machinery list is constantly shifting because machines are bought and sold every week.


We don't buy (or re-sell) every machine offered to us

Because we don't broker machines for others, we have the liberty to inspect (and sometimes reject) machines that don't meet our standards. Sadly, not every machine out there has been cared for as well as we would like to see. We reject some of these machines as unfit candidates to carry the Hexagon Pre-owned banner. In extreme cases, we would rather destroy machines rather than re-circulate them to the buying public. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way we do, and we are often amazed to discover machines we rejected turning up for sale elsewhere.


Know what you are buying

We provide a summary sheet with the specifications and details for each available machine so you know exactly what you are getting and exactly what to expect when you buy from us. Since we were the original manufacturer of many of these machines, we often have access to their service records and repair history. It's in our best interest to sell you a machine that has been properly cared for and serviced, and It's in your best interest to get all the facts about what you're purchasing. After all, you're trusting the quality of the products you make to this device.


We don't ship used systems across borders

Used systems listed on this website are only sold in certain countries. We do not generally export pre-owned machines from one country to another. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that not all parts of the world have sold the same makes and models historically, and may not have easy access to spare parts or the knowledge base to properly install and service every possible model we might sell in this market. Pre-owned machines may not be offered locally in your market.


Your benefits as a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence pre-owned buyer

Many third party resellers offer you a system "as-is". We offer you choices: of software packages, probing options, and accessories. Nearly any system we sell can be customized to your particular requirements, instead of being an ala-carte purchase later.


Current brand name computer & latest software - included

Many used CMMs you find are being resold with software that is many generations old... some still with the original computers. Many of these software packages are no longer supported, and may not come with backup discs or hardware keys. It's also difficult if not impossible to obtain training or technical support if you are unfamiliar with the software. Also, did you know that the PC-DMIS End User License Agreement (EULA) specifically disallows transfer of the license to another party without authorization from Hexagon? If you see a machine with PC-DMIS being offered for sale on the "used CMM" market, be sure you know if the owner has inquired about license transfer. Otherwise, the software isn't legal to use.

All Hexagon Certified Pre-owned machines come with the latest version of market leading PC-DMIS software, telephone and email technical support and a current major brand computer.


Software training and support

Getting up-to-date PC-DMIS software on a Hexagon pre-owned machine, means you never have to worry about being stuck with obsolete, unsupported software. Plus, it's easy to get training and support for your purchase. With your purchase, you'll have access to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's dedicated call centre for software and hardware technical support. 

You'll also have access to our global network of training classes (training credits are available with your purchase). Convenient locations to many major markets and frequent classes means it's easy get the training you need to make the most of your purchase.


Certified pre-owned warranty

Each pre-owned machine we sell has had a rigorous factory inspection to find and correct any problems, and restore the machine to original operating specifications. On top of that, you get a full parts and labour warranty with any certified pre-owned machine you buy.


Excellence in service

With a global service team we are available for prompt installation of your pre-owned CMM purchase, and timely service support after the sale. Again, since we manufactured the machines we sell, our service engineers are extensively trained and have all the tools to properly and professionally install your machine and respond quickly whenever there is the slightest problem. So-called "factory-trained technicians" who no longer work for the factory that trained them are only as up-to-date as the when they left their last factory employer.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also maintains a global network of local Solution Centres to support you with training and value added services.


Trade-ins available

If you're looking to trade in your surplus machine on a new model, we can help you there too. Just indicate your interest in a trade-in on our contact form.


What makes a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence pre-owned CMM?

There are many things that set us apart in the world of previously-owned machines. The most important one is our expertise. Since we manufactured these systems to begin with, nobody has more knowledge or better resources to ensure that a machine that carries the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Pre-owned banner is as good, and in some cases, better than new. In fact, our assurance is that the machines we sell as Hexagon Pre-owned will meet or exceed the original specifications.


Types of pre-owned machines we offer

We use three main classifications for the machines offered. Since a pre-owned machine's condition is generally unique to itself, these categories are meant to be a guideline. The actual work performed on any particular machine is exactly what it needs to be to get it into selling condition.


The three types of Hexagon pre-owned:

Demo: These machines are not technically pre-owned because they have never been sold. They are usually machines which were used in our own precision centres for customer demos, software training and contract work. They are usually very lightly used because they were never "production" machines, and are in excellent condition. Normally they are 1-2 years old.

Factory Certified: Machines that upon thorough inspection are in need of none or minor upgrades such as air hose replacement, work surface repair, and paint touch up are designated Factory Certified after a trip through our facility. The package includes a new computer, latest software, and full warranty, training and installation.

Factory Refurbished: Systems in need of the most major updating go through our Factory Refurbishing program, which starts with a complete tear-down of the machine to all of it's component parts. We then repair, update, or completely replace major systems and components. After a trip through our calibration lab, and the addition of a new computer, latest software, and full warranty, training and installation, the system is suitable to carry the designation of Hexagon Metrology Factory Refurbished.


Our facilities:

A portion of our factories and support centres around the globe have dedicated areas for the management of pre-owned systems. It is here that machines are brought in for evaluation, certification and refurbishment.

Refurbished machines are taken through an extensive process of disassembly, inspection, repair and replacement down to the individual component level. 


Refurbishing steps may include:

  • Complete air hose replacement, including filter assemblies
  • Repainting of covers and components as required
  • Polishing, chip repair or re-grinding of granite surfaces
  • Air Bearnings replaced, if required
  • Damaged rails are stripped, re-ground and re-anodized
  • Rewiring of the entire machine
  • Motor assemblies disassembled, and parts repaired or replaced
  • Safety controls updated
  • Outdated controls are replaced with new ones
  • Probes and probe heads are evaluated for wear, and replaced as needed
  • The machine is re-assembled

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence pre-owned: it's about time

Now that you know all the advantages of owning Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Pre-owned CMM, why would you go through the time, effort and uncertainty of buying "used" any other way?