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Find out a little about ControlAgro

Soluciones Integrales de Ingeniería y Desarrollo - SIID was founded in 2003, in the city of Avellaneda, Santa Fe, Argentina, is a research, engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the development of solutions for agriculture, transportation and industry. It is also the owner of the ControlAgro brand, for agricultural products, and the TELEMETRIC brand of IoT for transport and industry that produces, markets, and distributes.

With currently more than 200 official distributors and 43 employees in 11 Latin American and European countries, ControlAgro has a highly trained team, made up of engineers and technicians with a lot of experience. According to the demands of a highly competitive market, it can solve the needs of its customers with nextgeneration devices.

ControlAgro grows together with its suppliers, partners and distributors, strategic allies that share the conviction in associativity and collective effort as inexhaustible sources of competitive advantage.

A partnership to grow together

ControlAgro and Hexagon have been partners since May 2017, after the idealisation of developing their next automatic pilot for tractors and realising that the best strategy would be to focus on creating other agricultural products and bringing to the Argentine market a product of higher quality that was already very well established in the market.

Currently, as exclusive distributor of Hexagon’s Agriculture division products in Argentina, ControlAgro made the choice for HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering after discovering the product and realising that it would adapt very well to all market requirements in your country. In addition to the HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering, ControlAgro also brings other Hexagon products of precision agriculture to the Argentine market, such as HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control and HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control.

ControlAgro plans to conquer even more in the coming years and aims to grow in 2020, 50% compared to the previous year and continue growing until reaching 300% in 2024. To achieve this incredible number, it will be necessary to maintain a service of excellence, a quality product and be very close to all its customers and partners, and Hexagon is already part of this history that has been built since 2003.

Digital Transformation for Argentina’s agriculture

There are several reasons for this partnership to be successful in the country, but we can highlight two important points:

  1. Willingness to work together

    ControlAgro and Hexagon are two companies extremely committed to providing the best products and excellent customer service. With these qualities there couldn’t be better synergy! ControlAgro points out that the great differential in working with Hexagon is having a complete and fully integrated service between product, sales, and technical support. This allows a fast service, whenever necessary and that the physical distance never hinders this relationship. The two companies complement each other by enabling excellent delivery to the end customer, enabling growth globally on a mutual basis. This work in constant partnership also allows the development and testing of products together, meeting the needs of those in the field in need of greater productivity and better quality of production.

  2. Partnership with a global company like Hexagon

    Hexagon’s Agriculture division is a global company with a presence in more than 35 countries, creating trust and credibility for the customer, boosting sales, and improving results. ControlAgro highlights that walking alongside a company like Hexagon is much more than just being a distributor, it means being a partner for the opening of new markets through Digital Transformation in agriculture.

Having partners who walk and grow side by side strengthens the relationship and brings consistency in results to both companies. And with ControlAgro it’s no different! With exclusivity in the Argentine market, the distributor manages to achieve its goals and we offer the necessary training and support (commercial, engineering, consulting), enabling ControlAgro to know the products in depth, exploit their full potential and can offer real transformations in Argentina’s agriculture.


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