Anglian Water leverages utility GIS solutions for better network management

Needing to manage water resources and infrastructure, Anglian Water implemented a utility network management solution to centralize its asset data, integrate with other enterprise systems and streamline field operations.

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The challenge

Serving more than 6 million domestic and commercial customers, Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company by geography in England and Wales, managing 1.2 billion liters of water every day through 113,000 kilometers of pipe.

Located in one of the country’s driest and flattest regions, Anglian Water faced many challenges, including climate change, population growth, supply security and regulatory requirements. To better manage the region’s water resources and infrastructure, Anglian Water needed a utility network management solution that would centralize its asset and spatial data, integrate with other enterprise systems and streamline field operations.

The solution

Anglian Water partnered with Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division to create an advanced utility GIS that would provide a single, modern IT environment for the utility provider’s assets and geospatial data.

Powered by Hexagon’s utility GIS solutions, Anglian Water operates an advanced water and wastewater infrastructure management system that features a highly accurate network model of all the distribution assets of the system, including water mains and sewers, storage reservoirs, pumps, pipelines, valves and meters and more.

Anglian Water has streamlined incident and outage management and seamlessly connected operations teams and field crews. According to Anglian Water’s annual performance reports, the program is working; more than 94% of its customers report that they are satisfied with their service.

"Hexagon's technology has given us a state-of-the-art infrastructure management solution at the center of our IT architecture."
Tactical Operations Manager
Anglian Water

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